We would like to thank:

Guest musicians:

Artem Zhibar - awesome drummer, who did all the drums on "Civilization" album
Ivan Gritskevitch - for bass guitars on "Civilization" album
Konstantin Stukov - for beautiful trumpet in "Early Morning" song

Our former band memebers:

Vjacheslav Oleynik - who were a great drummer and friend for about eight years in our early days of "Diadema" band and did all the drums on our first album "Tales of Soveena".
Dmitry Trofimenko - who played on keyboards with us from 2008 to 2009 and helped us with live gigs
Alexander Poltorak - who did a good job on a bass guitar and helped us a lot during "Diadema" concerts in 2008-2009


Sergey Taranoff - our sound enginier on both albums for his patience and professional skills
Maria Guindess - our beautiful lyric editor and very talanted writer. Check out her book "Sigurd Peterson and The Lighthouse"
Vladimir Ivanov (Vid-Studio) who helped us a lot with recording vocals
Anna Soluyanova (Sova Studio) for her great photo for our second album
Pavel Kurbanov (all4bands.com) for beautifull logo design and CD artwork of "Civilization" album
Tyler.com for this wordpress theme and awesome video tutorial

We would like to thank our fans for those beautifull and inspirational letters and messages. It does a great motivation for us!

And of course thanks to our parents, friends and ones who loved us for the understanding of the way we have chosen.


And finally we would like to thank this beautiful Universe for a chance to be here and create a music for you.